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Mav & Fav

RUST silicone triangle stacker

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by Mav and Fav


Our triangular silicone stacker is a multi purpose toy made from super soft BPA free food grade silicone, and free from PVC, Phthalate and Latex, making it a great teething and sensory toy for your little ones and toddlers, the bright colours holding their interest while they work their gross and fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and engage in creative play. As your little one grows, this stacking tower grows with them as they learn to stack them from biggest to smallest and recognise their colours.

Each piece stacks into the next using the raised centre, and each one is completely sealed meaning they are also perfect for water play (No vent hole means mould is unable to grow)

Available in 2 fun unisex colour ways:




Wipe over with a damp cloth before first use and allow to completely dry. Store in a cool dry place.